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BREAKING NEWS! August 2, 2017

Introducing our newly designed One-Touch Electric Attic Stairway at the 2017 Sunbelt Builders
Show in Dallas.

To accommodate customers requesting a 54″ rough opening, the circuit board, electronic latch
and original motor board have been replaced by a USA made gear motor which is mounted on
the panel. Operation of the stairway is with a toggle switch.

– Ceiling heights from 8 -16′
– Rough opening of 54″ (up to 12′) or 65″ (8 -16′) X 22.5″, 25.5″ or 30″
– Mounted toggle switch for safe extension/retraction
– All wiring included for simpler install
– Manual unlatch for One-Touch extension in case of power outage, if required
– Reduced price as 100% of inventory cost reduction is passed on to our customers.